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The most ideal approach to complete your insides is by enlisting an expert inside designing firm. There are numerous great inside decorators in the market today yet in the event that you need basically the best inside originators then make a beeline for the Ashleys.  Luxury interior designers


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At The Ashleys , we trust that incredible outline can change the way individuals see their reality: A quiet front room can make mornings an open door and not a task. A dynamic work space can support an enthusiasm for an occupation well done. An uncommon retail setting can energize and charm the individuals who shop there. This is the thing that makes us our identity: The conviction that spaces have meaning, and that everybody merits one that is customized for their identity and how they live.  luxury interior designers

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The Ashleys is a built up building and inventive studio situated in the 622, SWASTIK DISA CORP PARK,L.B.S. Street, GHATKOPAR (W) Mumbai an impeccable area for an organization that flourishes with inventive considering. We pride ourselves on building groups, as well as growing long haul associations with our customers and partners. We are viewed as dynamic trend-setters, motivating our colleagues to be pioneers. As we persistently enhance and advance our outline hone, we endeavor to be the engineering and plan studio of decision for customers and staff, and additionally thought pioneers in our group. interior designer in mumbai

Top Interior Designers In Mumbai / THE ASHLEYS

Realizing this increasing interest of people towards the interior of their home or workplace, a number of interior designing firms have set up. However, only a few of the firms provide international standard if work and best in class design. One such firm is the Ashleys, which are one of the Mumbai best interior designers and are recipients of a number of awards in the field of interior designing. We are one of the best corporate interior designers in the city. Call us for discussing your requirement.  Office Interior Designers

Whatever your style, Our Corporate Interior Designers help you achieve it

The Ashleys was founded in 2004 by two young and talented and famous interior designers Arbaysis and Pooja. Both were associated with well-versed establishments till they decided to establish their own design house, the aim of this interior designing house is to deliver best interior designing solutions of international quality and value. The Ashleys primarily focused on refined detailing and perfection of a product, space or a structure. Their design included the optimum use of nature in a chic fashion with an edition of advanced designs. The design house believes in making the most out of the least space at disposable keeping efficiency and global standard designing in mind.

The Ashleys are inclined on providing clients with personalized service, timely delivery of projects, after handover services and guarantees top notch standards and quality of materials used for the construct. The alleys are equipped with a talented team of employees who mainly focus on providing the maximum client service and satisfaction alongside quick and efficient support.

The Ashleys , the renowned office Interior Designers In Mumbai, has worked on many corporate and commercial projects for famous international brands, the design house believes in making a strong design statement which directly connects with the companies brand, target market and thought process. The design pattern and ideas of the kind of work Ashleys do;

Make Your Work Place More Appealing With Commercial Interior Designs

Do you agree that appealing place motivates your mood? So you should consider the same for designing your workplace so that your employees love to come to the office. Most of us work in order to secure our future and are definitely not workaholic, so Monday blues are most common feeling we share. If the workplace looks appealing and interesting automatically it lifts up the mood of your employees and also increases their productivity. If you are thinking of redesigning your workplace consult the interior designers in Mumbai for making your workplace creative and interesting one.

Check out the tips on how you can make your workplace more appealing:

  • Floor: Regular tiles look boring and definitely quite common for most of the office, so instead of plain tiles use wooden tiles or floor paints to make look more appealing, also ensure that workstation area and other area have different designs.
  • Ceiling: Most of the office use plain painted ceiling with spotlights, in order to make it appealing use designer false ceiling and place some ceiling falls along with lights to add a little funkiness to the atmosphere.
  • Paints: If you want your place to be funky and cool, use contrast paints along with funky wallpaper, of course, if you are in banking sector it’s strict no, or else for a regular workplace, it’s a good option, check out the cool works of the interior designer in Mumbai.
  • Furniture: Don’t overcrowd the place with huge furniture, that not only use more space but also make it look clumsy, instead use small workstations or desk, do consider the trendy desk designs to make it look appealing
  • Lights: Lighting plays a major role in lifting the mood and daylight is quite important as it psychologically affects the mood of the person. It is not possible to place workstations near the window so using white or yellow led lights are advisable.
  • Break free zone: Break free zones are quite common in many offices where the employees can sit back and relax for a while, you can either add few games like dart, carom or chess etc or place fitness equipment, make sure it should be funky and yet tidy.
  • Branding: Apart from the sign board outside, try branding your stationeries like pens, notepad even coffee mugs etc. using your business logo or name, you can also use nameplates or sticker for indicating department and posts.

Usually, the workplace is more of a serious place were generating business is all that matters, here if your employees fall in a gloomy mood and work as robots by the following protocol, they actually suppresses their enthusiastic spirit and that affects their work too. In order to make your workplace an ideal place to work you need to hire a famous interior designer who can add a touch of coolness making your workplace interesting and fun. If your employees will be in good mood, it will automatically increase their work efficiency.